Instructions for using Viagra

Tablets are taken orally, for a faster action – better before meals.

Instructions for the use of Viagra provides for no more than one dose per day 1 hour before the planned gentle act.

You can learn how to take Viagra for the first time from the instructions: it is recommended to start taking Viagra with 50 mg. If the dosage is sufficient to maintain potency, and the drug is well tolerated, then it is not necessary to increase the dose. If side effects appear, you can try taking 25 mg tablets and observe the effectiveness. If the patient complains of erectile dysfunction, the doctor will increase the dosage. The age of a man does not affect the choice of a therapeutic dose. The maximum dose is 100 mg.

The action begins 30-60 minutes after ingestion and lasts for the next four hours.

To increase the effectiveness and speed up the absorption of the drug, follow the tips:

Prefer light meals, avoid fatty foods.

Don’t drink grapefruit juice.

Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking.

It is important to understand that it makes no sense for a healthy man to take them. With serious disorders in the circulatory system, the drug will also not have an effect. If a man has a low level of testosterone, there will also be no “miracle” from taking Viagra.
Price and reviews for Viagra for men

The original drug is expensive. The price depends on the number of tablets in the package and the dosage of the main substance:

1 tablet 25 mg costs from 637 rubles.

1 tablet 50 mg – from 754 rubles.

1 tablet 100 mg – from 803 rubles.

A package with two tablets of 50 mg – from 1,309 rubles.

12 tablets of 100 mg will cost at least 6,000 rubles.

If Viagra is sold at a low price, but the manufacturer is Pfizer, it means that it is fake.

Doctors’ comments on Viagra for men are generally positive: the effect of the drug is noted not only on erection, but also on patients’ self-esteem. However, experts do not recommend the use of tablets for young and healthy men, they advise against long-term use due to side effects, and also in order to avoid the development of mental dependence. It is desirable to consult an andrologist or urologist. In some cases, analogues with less toxicity are shown.

Patients note the positive effect of Viagra, especially when erections are weak due to stress and fatigue. Men are satisfied with the work of the pills, they feel more confident, they are capable of a longer sexual intercourse. The disadvantage is the high price and side effects – an upset bowel, nasal congestion and a flush of heat to the face.

Thus, Viagra is a drug that helps men to have a full sexual life with erectile dysfunction. 시알리스 is the first in this segment of the pharmaceutical market. It has a number of contraindications and application features that are important to know in order to achieve maximum effect.

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