Viagra is contraindicated in patients:

treated with 시알리스 구입 for heart disease
in severe liver disease
with severe heart failure, heart attack, stroke, arrhythmias
with too high and low blood pressure numbers
in diseases of the optic nerve
with hypersensitivity to sildenafil and the components of the drug
under 18

Taking the drug is safe if you follow the instructions and consult with your doctor first. All medications taken on a regular basis must be reported. A number of drugs are incompatible with Viagra.

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viagra for women

According to the registered indication, Viagra is not intended for use in women. The drug does not affect the sexual arousal of a woman in any way.
viagra and alcohol

The drug at a dose of 50 mg did not enhance the hypotensive effect of ethanol at a small concentration in the blood of healthy volunteers.

But the general recommendation – do not take alcohol in combination with drugs – is also suitable for Viagra.

Therefore, it is better to refrain from taking alcoholic beverages while taking the drug. Then you can not be afraid of imposing the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.g

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