The effect of viagra on women influence on the body

Everyone has probably heard about the effect of drugs to increase potency on the male body, but how does Viagra affect women? This is mainly of interest to men who want to see what will happen if a woman takes Viagra.

Does viagra work for women

The main (and only) active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate. In men, this substance acts on the cavernous bodies of the penis, causing them to increase blood supply, which manifests itself in a persistent erection.

effect of viagra on women

But what happens if a woman drinks Viagra, she doesn’t have a penis?

In women, this drug causes a rush of blood to the genitals. The result is increased lubrication and sexual desire.

The use of Sildenafil may be considered if:

Having trouble getting an orgasm.
The excitation of a woman on the eve of sexual intercourse is not strong enough.
There is an excessive dryness of the vaginal vault due to age-related changes or with insufficient excitation.
Sexual contacts have ceased to bring any pleasure.
There are symptoms of endometriosis.
There was a desire to experience new sensations as a result of taking a stimulant drug.

Women’s Viagra ranks fourth in the ranking of women’s arousal drugs due to side effects. The tablet allows you to solve a number of delicate problems with intimacy and ensure the onset of orgasm. It has a bitter aftertaste, so do not try to add it imperceptibly.
How women’s Viagra works

does viagra work for women

Love yourself – and do not refuse anything!

Now on sale is a special women’s Viagra, created by Pfizer specialists and passed the necessary tests.

Women’s Viagra has a more noticeable effect on the body, although it contains the same sildenafil, which is also contained in the drug of the same name for men.

The effect of Viagra in women is manifested in the following:

Increased blood circulation in the genitals and increased tone of the vaginal muscles.
Getting more pleasant and strong sensations and emotions during orgasm.
Increased 시알리스 with every sexual intercourse with a man.
Reducing pain during menstruation.
Improvement of the general psychological mood.

Thus, the periodic intake of female Viagra on the eve of sexual intercourse improves the quality of intimacy, eliminates the manifestations of frigidity, and increases the level of sensuality.

One of the advantages of Viagra for women is getting rid of such a dangerous and protracted disease as endometriosis. This side effect of taking the medicine gives a chance to overcome infertility caused by the presence of foci of endometriosis. A similar effect is provided by normalizing the balance of hormones, improving blood circulation in the pelvic region.g

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