Compare Viagra Alternatives

The 시알리스 구매 when introduced in the market achieved fame and is purchased abundantly by the public. The Viagra got its name carved in the market being the most effective pill for decreasing the erective dysfunction. But with the recent release of Cialis and Levitra, the public now thinks of selecting which one of the three pills for self-use. Though the three are formulate for the same purpose, and are approved as well.

All the drugs if observed logically are all the PDE-5 inhibitors classed. They all three are noticed to have a positive effect among 70% of the men. The three of the product have equal working behavior that is all effect when the male is sexually aroused.

Focusing 시알리스 구입, it is the fastest pill that starts reacting in the body as it is taken. Viagra is effective in just 14 minutes if taken in an empty stomach. But on contrary this is its biggest drawback that its effect rate decreases with the rate of intake of meal. In other words it takes maximum time of 30 minutes to reach its extreme effecting level and than after every 4 hours its effects dissolved by 50%. Normal side effects of 시알리스 include headaches, facial flushing and blurred vision.

Now coming to other drug is Levitra. Levitra has brought in market in the recent past. Some of the characteristics of the Levitra make it different from Viagra. The slight change in chemical components made it hard to treat in groups. The good point of Levitra is that its effect is that strong it has nothing to do with the intake of meal, its effects remains the same no matter what meal you have taken except for the very fatty or oil stuff meals. Few of the side effects of Viagra are headache, flushing, running or stuffy nose.

The third winning pill is Cialis. Cialis as compared to other two has dramatic features. It has an effect of 36 hours duration from the time it is taken orally. Most of the researches made on Cialis effect show that it has an effect of 100 hours and due to this it gained a pet name of ‘weekender’. Cialis impact on human body has no link with the intake of food. No such food affects its strength, and its peak level is observed after 2 hours of consumption. Cialis gets a low effect in between the 16 to 22 hours but this also varies from person to person’s age. Some of the common side effects of Cialis include headaches, backaches and muscular pain.

It is thus concluded that as the three of the drugs are equally great and have a super reaction on the body but still the Cialis has won over the other two pills. It has comfortable and favorable conditions as compared to the Viagra and Levitra. The Cialis gains the first position in the PDE-5 inhibitors.

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