Generic Viagra – A Challenge To Branded Drug

Since 시알리스 구매 has taken the position of the best treatment of ED, it is valued for its brand name. Of course obtaining the brand name it is expensive and can be a difficult attempt for any man to cure himself with Viagra as its dosage is regular and Viagra is quite expensive.

The hold of Viagra is under Pfizer, it has the patent of the drug after spending a lot of money on its researches and development.

It is the fact that the patented medicine is expensive, the owner of the medicine is Pfizer, and it has the hold to fix the price to make researches and development of the medicine.

But the problem continues, the person who wants to cure his ED, and of course 시알리스 구입 is the last option to cure him but affording Viagra may get difficult for an average person.

For this situation some of the manufacturers have developed generic medicines equivalent to the branded ones and kept its price range approachable for the ordinary citizens.

These generic medicines are complete equal to those of their patented medicines in all aspects. That is equal in strength, the potency, and the effective and of course the formulation of the generic medicines are identical with the patented medicines.

In US, more than 50 percent of the patented drugs have their generic equivalents, for this sake the insurance companies also insist their customers to use the generic medicines so as to keep the medical bill low.

Generic 시알리스 is also equivalent to the branded patent Viagra in strength and effectiveness, but the price is very reasonable and down to earth. The only difference that is between the generic Viagra and patented Viagra is that the generic product cannot be sold in the name of the patented one. The generic Viagra is usually sold in the market as Sildenafil Citrate, Sildenafil or V-I-A-G-R-A or others.

The equivalent generic medicines is available of almost all drugs and medicines, and it is not an exceptional case for Viagra. The price of the generic Viagra is so cheap and affordable that any man can buy it, this is because the manufacturers haven’t spent money on its development, and they have just reproduced the formula. With the use of generic Viagra, man has nothing to fear of his pocket range and he can easily cure himself of the ED as long as he can afford. Since there is no difference in the effectiveness of the both drugs, we assure the equal pleasure from both the drugs to the person who ever uses it.

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